Independent Analysis- Madden 2010

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madden-10-coverFor my last independent analysis, I chose to analyze the new cover for XBOX 360’s Madden 2010. I chose this because it is the most popular video game on the market and is one of the largest video game series’ ever created. This year is even more important because it is the first year that the game has been released after John Madden’s retirement from announcing. This is also the first year that two players are on the cover at the same time. The game has the EA sports logo front and center with Pittsburgh Steeler safety Troy Polamalu on the left, and Arizona Cardinal Receiver Larry Fitzgerald on the right. This is very cool because of the fact that these players played against each other in last year’s super bowl. Also, these players’ uniforms are both very colorful and stand out among the rest of the cover. For example, the Steelers uniforms are white, black, and yellow, while the Cardinals uniforms are red, black and white. These colors stand out and are separated on the over. Another interesting idea that EA sports had was picking these players because of their hair. They are both known as two African American players that have long hair hanging out of their helmets. EA sports used this as a tool by having their hair colors having yellow and red hair to make their uniforms stand out even more. This is a great tool because it allows their uniforms to stand out even more and be very colorful. On top of this the background is all white and small smudges of the team’s colors are surrounding the players. This is interesting because it separates all the yellow from the red on the cover.

                Another important aspect is that the players are approaching each other as if Polamalu is about to tackle Fitzgerald which brings a game like situation to the cover. Overall, the many different logos that are needed on every videogame box are there, but they do not interfere what so ever with the image of the players. This is very important because it allows the focus to stay where EA sports intended it to be. Also, Madden ’10 is written right below them and stands out very well so that everyone knows what game it is. This also has the NFL logo in between the Madden and the ’10 which reminds consumers that it is licensed by the NFL and is a football game. The NFL logo is very famous and should be located on any type of game like Madden ’10. I would definitely say that this is their best cover in years, and makes the game much more attractive to purchase.


Independent Analysis- In-N-Out Burger

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For my next independent analysis I chose to analyze an advertisement for In-N-Out Burger.  I chose this because In-N-Out is one of my favorite eating establishments, and I wish they had them here in Illinois. I believe that the ad does a great job of displaying the food and colors that correlate with the restaurant. The first thing that I noticed when analyzing the advertisement was of course the In-N-Out logo. This logo is yellow and red and is very popular to anyone that has ever eaten at In-N-Out. Next you notice the amazing burger that is set up right in front and looks perfect. Behind the burger are a large drink and a basket of fries. Both of these items make the burger stand out even more because of the fact that they are in the old fashion In-N-Out containers. These containers are white with red palm tree designs going around the bottom and top of them. Because of this design, the colors of the French fries and cheeseburger stand out and look very attractive. Next, on top of all these food items the In-N-Out slogan is written. It says “Quality you can taste” which has become famous with the popular restaurant. The slogan is also written in old fashion cursive that makes it seem like the slogan is an older neon light sign. This is very interesting because many of these old fashion diners have neon signs outside which make this slogan work very well.

                This advertisement also does a great job in making you hungry. Because of the fact that they focus mainly on the look of the food instead of the locations and logo, people see it and want a burger. This is the whole intention of the advertisement and is very successful. Due to the fact that In-N-Out has many different locations all over California, it is very smart for them to focus on the food because a person can see an advertisement and stop at whatever location they may be passing by. Overall, this is a very successful advertisement and does a great job displaying their food items and their slogan to their customers.in_and_out

Independent Analysis- Chipotle Billboard

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 chipotleFor another one of my independent analysis I choose to analyze a billboard for Chipotle Mexican Grill. I chose this because Chipotle is probably my favorite food in the entire world, and because their advertising slogans are both entertaining and successful in my eyes. They have many different billboards but the one I chose says the slogan, “Open wide. No, wider.” On top of this they have a picture of a large wrapped burrito. This slogan is amusing because it focuses on the fact the Chipotle’s burritos are extremely large, and you need to open your mouth very wide to get a good bite. Also, the billboard has the words big burritos at Chipotle written in the bottom right corner which gives the viewer the idea of what the advertisement is for.  Another very important aspect of this billboard is the colors that are used. Chipotle focuses on using white as the background for all their logos and billboards and has a font that all their words are written in. From their menu, to their billboards, people who go to Chipotle can look at the font and recognize it with the restaurant. Next, the actual burrito on the billboard is wrapped in the silver tin foil that has become famous with Chipotle. The foil looks extremely sleek and catches the eye very quickly. This is very important for a billboard because drivers need to be able to realize what the product is in the very short amount of time that they pass by. Also, by having the silver burrito being the large focus of the billboard, people are able to see it very far away, which then makes them want to see what the writing actually says when they get close. The last thing that sticks out that I feel is an important aspect of the billboard is the red chipotle logo in the bottom right. Because of the fact that the rest of the billboard is all black white and silver, this little red circle with a chipotle pepper stands out very well for its size. This is great because it is the restaurants logo and can be noticed even though it is one of the smallest parts of the billboard. Overall, these billboards are very eye catching and do a great job advertising for the restaurant.

Independent Analysis- NIKE VC IV Ad

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                For another one of my independent analysis I chose to analyze an older NIKE basketball ad for NBA all-star Vince Carter’s new shoe the Nike Shox VC 4. I chose this advertisement for many reasons but mainly because it was very eye catching. In my opinion, being eye catching is the most important aspect of an advertisement and is necessary to be effective. This advertisement has Vince Carter walking through an airport terminal being escorted by seven attractive flight attendants. Also, the outside of the terminal is just clouds with a plane flying. This location is used purposely implying that these shoes allow Vince Carter to fly so to speak. Like I said before, this piece is very eye catching because of the color choices. Vince Carter is wearing a black athletic suit with red trim, and his shoes which have the same color pattern. The flight attendants however are wearing red outfits and black heels. By doing this it puts the focus on Vince Carter’s outfit and shoes because they are the opposite of the norm in the piece. On top of this, the terminal is all grey and shows no color which makes the colors of their clothing stand out even more. All these choices I believe are very good and make this piece work very well. Also, the photo of the shoe they are advertising is in the bottom right corner and stands out the same way Vince Carter does among the girls. Underneath the shoe is the title of the shoe written in a very noticeable red and futuristic font. This use of type looks great in the piece and corresponds great with the look of the shoe. Another aspect that is very effective is the fact that Nike can be seen in many different places without looking like Nike is trying too hard. This is ad is very straight forward and displays the product exactly how it should. It is definitely successful in the type of audience it is trying to reach, and can still impact others that might not be frequent basketball shoe purchasers.

Independent Analysis- NIKE Lebron James Advertisement

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I chose to analyze a recent Lebron James Nike advertisement for one of my independent analysis. I chose this ad because it is something I see very often and I feel is a very interesting approach to selling athletic equipment. They are advertising Lebron James as an endorser rather than their equipment itself. The advertisement is in black in white and is made for a billboard or side of a building. In my opinion it is made for a city location and is meant to be extremely large.  Being displayed this way is what I think would make it much more effective. Lebron James is known to chalk his hands and throw it up in the air, exciting the crowd before every game. This advertisement has him posing like he would after he has thrown the chalk but the chalk is missing, and all it says WE ARE ALL WITNESSES. This is implying that we are all witnessing his greatness as he becomes one of, if not the best basketball player to ever live. In terms of the font and size of the writing, I feel that the all-caps is a very nice touch, however it might be easier to read if it were a little larger. Also, in the bottom left hand corner it says believe at in very small lettering. This is the main reason why this ad must be very large because if not no one would be able to read that. The same goes along with the Nike sign in the bottom right. If I were Nike, I would have placed the Nike sign either larger or more near Lebron, the focus of the piece, where it can catch people’s eyes. Because of the fact that the Nike sign is small and away from the focus of the ad, many people might think this is a NBA advertisement, or just a Cleveland Cavalier advertisement. This is not good for Nike, however most people that are fans of basketball and Lebron James would be able to figure it out. Lastly, the black and white approach I believe is extremely powerful and adds a lot to this piece. By doing this it allows you to focus mainly on the text and Lebron’s jersey name and number. This is because they are the only things in white and stand out among the rest of the dark coloring in the piece. All in all, I believe this ad works very well and definitely is effective to the audience they are trying to reach.we-are-all-witnesses-lebron-james-546522_1024_768

Final Project- Pages 6 & 7

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Final Project- Pages 8 & 5

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