Independent Analysis- Chipotle Billboard

 chipotleFor another one of my independent analysis I choose to analyze a billboard for Chipotle Mexican Grill. I chose this because Chipotle is probably my favorite food in the entire world, and because their advertising slogans are both entertaining and successful in my eyes. They have many different billboards but the one I chose says the slogan, “Open wide. No, wider.” On top of this they have a picture of a large wrapped burrito. This slogan is amusing because it focuses on the fact the Chipotle’s burritos are extremely large, and you need to open your mouth very wide to get a good bite. Also, the billboard has the words big burritos at Chipotle written in the bottom right corner which gives the viewer the idea of what the advertisement is for.  Another very important aspect of this billboard is the colors that are used. Chipotle focuses on using white as the background for all their logos and billboards and has a font that all their words are written in. From their menu, to their billboards, people who go to Chipotle can look at the font and recognize it with the restaurant. Next, the actual burrito on the billboard is wrapped in the silver tin foil that has become famous with Chipotle. The foil looks extremely sleek and catches the eye very quickly. This is very important for a billboard because drivers need to be able to realize what the product is in the very short amount of time that they pass by. Also, by having the silver burrito being the large focus of the billboard, people are able to see it very far away, which then makes them want to see what the writing actually says when they get close. The last thing that sticks out that I feel is an important aspect of the billboard is the red chipotle logo in the bottom right. Because of the fact that the rest of the billboard is all black white and silver, this little red circle with a chipotle pepper stands out very well for its size. This is great because it is the restaurants logo and can be noticed even though it is one of the smallest parts of the billboard. Overall, these billboards are very eye catching and do a great job advertising for the restaurant.


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